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Welcome to your TalkJet Interviews!

TalkJet is an audio interview series with top producing real estate agents. Designed for loan originators to provide an item of genuine, tangible value to their existing and prospective referral partners, the series creates a unique and common connection point around the best, current ideas, systems and strategies at work in today’s market.

Brett Wilde, Real Estate Agent, talks about work ethic, the value of experience and helping clients understand real estate as an investment.

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Among Real Estate agents, there are few that have Brett's unique experience and knowledge with home building. For this reason, his clients gain a valuable asset, as he helps them understand the real costs and savings of real estate. As one of the top producing real estate agents in Utah County, Brett has quickly gained a reputation for his work ethic, valuable insight, and commitment to his clients.

Sandra Wilken, Real Estate Agent, discusses specialization, sales volume, educated consumers, and lead generation.

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Sandra has been in the real estate business for 40 years - 20 of those working for top developers and 20 in resale.

Sean Carpenter, Agent Development Director, talks about building relationships, solving problems, and having fun.

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Just named one of the Top 20 Social Influencers of Residential Real Estate in 2016, Sean has been licensed since 1998, and as a former successful REALTOR and manager, Sean brings his experience and enthusiasm to the training he regularly conducts.

Barry Skalski, Realtor, talks about partnerships and building business.

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Named the Indiana REALTOR of The Year, Barry was in the automotive business prior to entering into the real estate business10 years ago.

Bryan Bufford, Realtor, talks about the importance of market knowledge, community and relationships.

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Bryan Bufford is originally from the city of Greensboro in Greene County. He moved to Oconee County to attend high school and graduated within the top 10% of his class. Bryan then attended the University of Georgia and has an advanced degree in Business Economics. Bryan has always had a passion for the Real Estate field and decided to become a licensed salesperson. "I love serving my community," he says. "If I can help people buy homes, I will be the first to show them what a great community we have. If I can help people sell homes, I will be the one who shows them how much this great community has increased their value of living."

Kimberly Cameron, Realtor, talks about taking care of people and her lender relationship.

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Kimberly got her real estate license in 2003, but she really started in the real estate world in 1998 rehabbing homes with her brother. They then started buying and keeping the properties, ultimately getting to about 85 rental units. Her core philosophy is that if you take care of people, the money is going to come.

Angela Fox, Realtor, talks about referrals and her "aha moment".

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Nicknamed by her clients as Angela "Getter Done" Fox, the "Listing Queen" and the Sweetest Pit-bull you'll ever meet, Angela's business models her lifestyle.

Alisa Glutz, licensed mortgage professional, talks about credit and creating clients for life.

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Alisa Glutz's "client for life" approach is built on the foundation of providing personalized service tailor-made to meet her client's mortgage needs.

Scott Harris, Associate Broker, talks about the NYC Market and his business tracking systems.

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Scott is an Associate Broker with Brown Harris Stevens, a Christie's Affiliate. Scott has focused on the Manhattan market for the past 12 years, but he observes that the Brooklyn market has been exploding as well. "I'm a generalist in the city - primarily south of 96th street, both sides of Central Park and Downtown."

Katie Lance, Social Media Strategist, talks about capitalizing upon the use of social media.

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Katie is the CEO and Owner of Katie Lance Consulting. Katie specializes in social media strategy and content development, and works with brands in the technology and real estate industries.

Reed Moore, Real Estate Agent, talks about his "People-Building journey.

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Reed and his team serve Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Anchorage, Alaska (two offices). Reed has been in the business for 12 years - prior to that he was a Youth Pastor. In the last 7 years, Reed's production has grown from $9M to $75M and just over 300 units in 3 locations.

Tina Beliveau, Top Producing Real Estate Agent, talks about her success.

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Tina is 29 years old, and got into the business when she was 19 years old. In 2014, Tina's business was 85% referral, which she largely attributes to Brian Buffini systems.

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